Direct access to a barrister

No need to instruct a solicitor

Regulated by the Bar Council

through the Bar Standards Board

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Up to £1,000,000 per claim

Barrister KnowHow

‘The Smart Way to Access Legal Services’

Introducing Barrister KnowHow

Based in West London – but serving London and beyond – Dominic Bevis set up Barrister KnowHow to provide cost-effective legal services to individuals and businesses alike.

Direct access is the perfect legal solution for individuals and organisations looking for quick, accessible and specialist advice on their rights and obligations and procedural steps to be undertaken in, and prior to, any legal proceedings.

  • Require advice on a discrete point?
  • Want advice on the procedure to be followed in a particular case?
  • Need an opinion on your chances of success?
  • Representation at a hearing in appropriate cases?

Please do not hesitate to contact Barrister KnowHow for more information.

How Barrister KnowHow can help you or your business

Residential Tenancies
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Business Tenancies
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Personal Insolvency including Statutory Demands
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