Obtain specialist legal advice and services without incurring unnecessary costs in the process.


I am happy to provide advice and assistance as required but, in particular, in relation to:

Tenancy Renewals for Commercial Premises

  • Defining, on a true interpretation, whether a lease or licence exists
  • The right of renewal for business tenancies (qualifying occupation and applications for exclusion)
  • Applications for new tenancies
  • Grounds for opposing an application for renewal
  • Terms of the new tenancy
  • Interim Rent
  • Right to compensation for disturbance
  • Compensation for Improvements

Terms of Commercial Leases

Procedure and appropriate remedies for breach of obligation by either landlord or tenant (e.g. Injunction, Damages).

Direct access to a barrister enables you to reduce costs in the following ways. A barrister may be instructed without you first having to approach a solicitor. As barristers have lower overheads than firms of solicitors, we are generally cheaper.

Direct access also means that you need only seek – and therefore pay for – advice or other assistance as and when you need it.

Direct access is the perfect legal solution for individuals and organisations looking for quick, accessible and specialist advice on their rights and obligations and procedural steps to be undertaken in, and prior to, any legal proceedings.

  • Require advice on a discrete point?
  • Want advice on the procedure to be followed in a particular case?
  • Need an opinion on your chances of success?
  • Representation at a hearing in appropriate cases?

Please do not hesitate to contact Dominic at Barrister KnowHow for more information.

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