Direct access to a barrister

No need to instruct a solicitor

Regulated by the Bar Council

through the Bar Standards Board

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Up to £1,000,000 per claim

Residential Tenancy Problems

Obtain specialist legal advice and services without incurring unnecessary costs in the process.

I am happy to provide advice and assistance as required, including in relation to any of the following:

  • Possession claims
  • Rent arrears
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Disrepair claims
  • Subletting / Assignment
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Forfeiture of long residential leases
  • Service charges and management
  • Lease extensions
  • Right of first refusal
  • Deposits
  • Non-contentious advice on terms of tenancy (licence) agreements

Procedure and appropriate remedies for breach of obligation by either landlord or tenant (e.g. Injunction, Damages).

As landlords, common grounds of dispute relate to possession claims based on unpaid rent or antisocial behaviour.

Tenants may commence claims for disrepair or claims for unlawful eviction, seeking both re-entry to the property and damages.

Gaining possession of a residential property almost always requires a court order if the tenant refuses to leave.

Even in cases where a court order is not strictly required, the safer approach is often to seek a court order in any event.

This is a complex area of law, with even practitioners making errors from time to time.

I always endeavour to find the most commercially effective solution to any problem when considering the various legal and procedural options available.

Direct access to a barrister enables you to reduce costs in the following ways. A barrister may be instructed without you first having to approach a solicitor. As barristers have lower overheads than firms of solicitors, we are generally cheaper.

Direct access also means that you need only seek – and therefore pay for – advice or other assistance as and when you need it.

Direct access is the perfect legal solution for individuals and organisations looking for quick, accessible and specialist advice on their rights and obligations and procedural steps to be undertaken in, and prior to, any legal proceedings.

  • Require advice on a discrete point?
  • Want advice on the procedure to be followed in a particular case?
  • Need an opinion on your chances of success?
  • Representation at a hearing in appropriate cases?

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