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Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims

Are you due compensation for your landlord’s failure to properly protect your deposit?

Your landlord should have protected your deposit in one of 3 government-authorised schemes within 30 days of receiving it.


Failure to do so or failure to provide certain prescribed information within 30 days of receiving it has consequences.

  • You are entitled to compensation amounting to 1 – 3 times the amount of the deposit. Although there is some uncertainty regarding whether successive tenancies (either fixed term or statutory periodic tenancies) give rise to multiple breaches where the deposit remains unprotected, the courts have been known to make awards of 1 – 3 times the deposit amount for each successive breach
  • You are entitled to the return of your deposit (subject to any agreed deductions) if the tenancy has come to an end or an order to have the deposit paid into an authorised scheme if the tenancy is continuing
  • Your landlord will not be able to seek possession by relying on a section 21 notice without first returning your deposit

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